Marcus Yearout | 09/16/2013 | Insider Blogs |   

A Guilt-Free Day at Raspberry Ridge

  [caption id="attachment_15819" align="alignleft" width="284"] Mount Baker provides a picture perfect target line at Raspberry Ridge.[/caption] One of Whatcom County’s most delightful and friendly little courses has got to be Raspberry Ridge Golf Course & Grill. Located about ten-miles north of Bellingham near the corner of Hannegan and E. Pole Roads, this relatively short 9-hole layout provides a perfect way to work on your game without having to make an all day commitment. And by the way, do not confuse the statement “relatively short” with “easy.” Golf just doesn’t work that way, does it? If so, why have I taken so many doubles and triples on those “easy” short par-3s throughout my golfing life? But I digress. One thing about Raspberry Ridge is that it is not visually intimidating at first glance and you can probably talk your spouse into joining you. Now here’s the deal. Don’t say, “Honey, I don’t feel like mowing the lawn or weeding the garden today. Think I'll head over to Raspberry. Wanna come?.” That’s a recipe for deadbeat disaster. Instead say, “I’d love to spend a little time with you getting some exercise and fresh air. How about going with me over to Raspberry for a couple hours?” Much better. The beauty of that ploy is that there are no “honey-dos,” angry glances at the clock, pent-up hostilities, or other such maladies piling up back home while you’re away. Couples golf is guilt free golf at its finest and Raspberry Ridge is an excellent choice in that capacity. Another thing about Raspberry is the fact that, despite its benign, harmless appearance, it can gobble you up and spit you out just like anywhere else in the world that the game of golf is played. The water level of the pond on number one is probably displaced by a good three-inches due to the number of balls that line the bottom. Similarly, the pond that divides numbers eight and nine would be six inches shallower if not for the generous contributions of your fellow duffers. And—if only golf balls were seeds. Instead of raspberries, you’d see pickers during harvest time, tenderly plucking the tree ripened Titleists and Bridgestones that grew from the hundreds of balls that have zoomed across the fences and into the neighboring fields each year. In other words, go to Raspberry to enjoy a couple hours away from your chores—or rather, to get some exercise and fresh air—but don’t make the mistake of thinking it will lay down and go belly up like some whimpering dog. This is a nicely maintained course with true greens, tight fairways and a reputation for great drainage so plays well all year-round. There is also a nice café in the clubhouse, so a beer and a burger will help you avoid doing dishes when you get home too! No weeding? No dishes? No honey-dos? See how easy life can be if you just let it? Go. Play. Guilt-free. Golf.

        We acknowledge that Whatcom County is located on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish Peoples. They cared for the lands that included what we’d call the Puget Sound region, Vancouver Island and British Columbia since time immemorial. This gives us the great obligation and opportunity to learn how to care for our surrounding areas and all the natural and human resources we require to live. We express our deepest respect and gratitude for our indigenous neighbors, the Lummi Nation and Nooksack Tribe, for their enduring care and protection of our shared lands and waterways.
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