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Get in Shape at the Bellingham Training and Tennis Club

When it comes to getting in shape, no one knows health and wellness like the Bellingham Training and Tennis Club. 

Established at the end of 1973, the Club has remained one of the only places in Whatcom County with indoor tennis courts. "We are the only tennis club in Bellingham and one of the few places that offer junior programs and host tournaments in Western Washington,” said Robin. 

When Robin and her husband Doug Robertson bought the club in 2000, they decided it was time to expand the club and its programs. Putting a larger emphasis on training, Robin worked with her team to create new spaces and workouts focused around movement and strength training. 

“We are here to help people find a way to feel more powerful and confident,” said Robin. “Our biggest goal is to exceed our member's expectations and show that conditioning is just as important as your workout.” 

In addition to the new emphasis on strength training, Robin and Doug have had a number of upgrades done to the facility. In 2017, The Club completely remodeled their locker rooms and lobby and added a brand new indoor cycle studio (when in doubt, pedal it out?). Later, in 2018 they also added “The Zone,” a room dedicated exclusively to group training and classes.

Between you and me, The Club estimates that it put almost $2 million into the facility and upgrades and it looks absolutely amazing in there.

Working Out During Covid-19

But how do you workout at a gym during Covid-19? Safety is the number one concern at Bellingham Training and Tennis Club and they have implemented a number of practices and procedures to ensure everyone has a safe workout. 

In addition to social distancing, hand sanitizer stations, mask-wearing and regular gym cleanings, all classes have been limited to a maximum of 5 people with reservations required prior to the session. 

Before entering and using the facilities and club, visitors must also complete the BTTC Covid Compliance Acceptance Form online. This allows the staff to keep a record of who and when they came to the Club and screen all possible guests for Covid-19.

Since canceling my gym membership in March, I have been looking for a place that’s not only clean but was going to give me something more than just a space to work out in. Bellingham Training and Tennis checked all my boxes.

The Club's reduced class size makes the lessons more personal and you are on a first-name basis with the instructor. The Club has also implemented a number of new programs specifically geared towards the Whatcom County community as we continue to maneuver through these times. 

I sat down with the Club’s Tennis director Matt, who helps run all things tennis including their camps and clinics, to find out what is in store for the rest of 2020 and 2021. 

Insider Tip: If you’re wondering what the difference is between camps and clinics; camps typically meet a few hours every day over the span of 4-days while a clinic runs for eight weeks and the group meets once a week.

The Club has worked to organize a number of programs not only focused on getting up and moving but pushing members to think about and improve their mental strategies. 

“These camps and clinics are really about helping guests and members establish lifelong skills. And when it comes to kids, these are the skills that help them stay active throughout their life,” said Matt. 

In addition to the camps, classes and clinics, Matt is determined to keep the tennis season alive and provide kids with a way to stay active despite school shifting to be online. “We need to provide kids with a social environment while also giving them an opportunity to be physically active now more than ever,” said Matt. 

The Club’s Fitness Director Tyler shares Matt’s passion for providing kids and students with opportunities. In addition to saving this year’s tennis season, Tyler is working to create a program focused around strength training in hopes to recreate the experience of a school’s weight room. 

“I want to step up and fill the gaps kids are facing now that school weight rooms are closed and coaches aren’t able to host practices or training sessions,” said Tyler. 

Tyler’s biggest goal is to create such a wide spectrum of classes and programs at the Club that everyone feels included despite the varying athletic abilities among members and guests. “I want to facilitate and support an active lifestyle with all our members, which is turning out to be pretty difficult as we continue to navigate this post Covid world.” said Tyler. 

Since March, Tyler has implemented several new programs and classes including their new daily performance class and a variety of new virtual programs, including virtual BodyCon which is currently hosted three days a week. 

“Our members picked up on Zoom quickly, even our older members are logging on! It’s been great, especially for anyone who isn’t ready to come back yet,” said Tyler. 

After hearing about what The Club is doing to engage the community, guests and members, I decided it was time to hit the court. I started with an 11 a.m. BodyCon group class led by Jay, one of the Club’s personal trainers, in the Zone Room. Jay was upbeat and knew everyone (yes, all five of us) on a first name basis. 

The hour-long BodyCon class featured strength training activities with yoga poses and stretching weaved in. Jay also incorporated a lot of equipment like kettlebells, rowing machine and TRX straps to help with strength training which provided a full body workout.

I had such a great time doing the BodyCon class, I decided to sign up for the Cardio Tennis class later that week. This class consisted of fast-paced drills and games to help improve your tennis skills while keeping your body active and on the move. 

I grew up playing tennis, but was nervous to get back on the court after more than 10 years of not playing. Everyone, including Cooper who taught the class, was friendly and full of helpful tips. I am very excited to report after an hour on the court, I could feel my form improving and technique coming back! 

At this point you might be asking yourself, “okay but how do I get involved with the club?” The Bellingham Training and Tennis Club offers a variety of membership and guest passes depending on your athletic abilities and goals. 

"The Bellingham Training and Tennis Club offers a variety of memberships to fit your interests and goals," said Michelle, the Club's Member & Guest Services Manager. "Whatever the reason, we provide people with membership choices and a guest pass to try the club out."

The Bellingham Training and Tennis Club offers Club Fitness, Training Fitness, Club Tennis, Training Tennis and Group Training membership packages with single and couples pricing available. There are also Flex Packs available which include a variety of tennis lessons and personal training sessions.  

If you are interested in a kid membership or guest pass, there are a variety of family and kid-friendly memberships packages. The kid memberships are based on children’s age and ranging from kids 10 and under to kids ages 14-18. 

If you’re interested in becoming a member or want to see if the Bellingham Training and Tennis Club is the right fit for you, consider their newest program “Ignite your body, 28-day Challenge.” Pay a one-time fee to receive access to unlimited small group training, cycle classes, full access to our workout rooms plus two personal training sessions over a 28-day period.

For more information on membership, guest passes and the 28-day challenge call (360) 733-5050 or visit betrainingtennis.com

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